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We are looking for partnerships and companies with which we can grow together. Our goal is to reach more and more people with our unique oils and to explore and develop new ideas and products.
In particular, we are interested in innovative solutions in the field of food packaging, sustainability and new food concepts. In doing so, we are always open to collaborations in research and development to work together on a sustainable future.

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Our offer for resellers:
- The entire product range is available at any time
- Small quantities are also available by the bottle
- Product brochures and promotional materials
- Sale at customized prices
- Low cost delivery
- Free samples
- All sort of discount possibilities
- Direct purchase from our warehouse
- A friendly and fair business relationship
- No minimum purchase and no obligation to buy
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Visionary Individuals
Small, medium, large enterprises, or universities, research institutions
Resellers such as food supplement stores, health & food stores, etc.
Food and nutrient manufacturers
Journalists / scientists who work evidence-based

We are passionate about optimizing the quality and taste of food while reducing food waste to combine health, enjoyment and sustainability!

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Leinsamen vs. Leinöl: gravierende Unterschiede
Kaltgepresste ÖleLipid Legends Aprikosenkernöl.Optimiertes Leinöl kaufenLeinsamen vs. Leinöl: gravierende Unterschiede
Kaltgepresste Öle

Optimized Flaxseed oil

Evolution of flaxseed oil
€ 16,50 
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Sesame oil

naturally exotic
€ 12,40 
More info

Pumpkin seed oil

naturally seductive
€ 10,40 
More info
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