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Our Marketing and Communications Manager brings a unique combination of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to our team. Starting from her time as a Master's student at the University of Vienna, where she co-founded Lipid Legends with colleagues from the Faculty of Chemistry, Lena has made an impressive journey from academic research into the business world.

As a trained dietician specializing in the gut microbiome, Lena also brings a deep understanding of the health aspects of our products. Her passion for science and her ability to make complex topics understandable characterize our presence on the website and on social media, where she shares the revolutionary benefits of our optimized flaxseed oil on a daily basis.

Lena Grabner MSc, BSc

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A renowned Researcher at the University of Vienna, Prof. Marc Pignitter is at the forefront of innovation in the field of vegetable oils. His groundbreaking work has led to the development of a unique linseed oil characterized by an extended shelf life, improved oxidative stability, a more pleasant taste profile and a wealth of natural antioxidants.

Prof. Pignitter, often affectionately referred to as the "King of Oils", has managed to efficiently transfer bioactive compounds from linseed into the oil, made possible by a sustainable and natural production process. This innovation, which also utilizes the side streams of oil production, was crowned with a patent and marks a turning point in the industry. However, Prof. Pignitter's vision is not limited to flaxseed oil.

He leads a team dedicated to optimizing other oils, such as sunflower and rapeseed oil, with the aim of increasing the quality and health benefits of these oils. His transition from academic research to founding Lipid Legends reflects his passion and commitment to applying scientific knowledge to practical, everyday products.

Prof. Mag. Dr. Marc Pignitter

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Prof. Dr. Marc Pignitter
Dr. András Gregor Lipid Legends CEO
Our co-founder and CEO of Lipid Legends combines economics and nutritional sciences in his impressive career. His journey began at the Feldbach Commercial Academy, continued with studies in nutritional sciences at the University of Vienna and led to a doctorate in the field of caloric restriction and gut health.
At Lipid Legends, he brings his extensive expertise to develop and distribute high-quality, optimized oils together with Prof. Marc Pignitter and Lena Grabner. As CEO, he is driving forward the vision of improving the quality of nutrition worldwide, focusing on innovation, sustainability and health benefits.

Dr. András Gregor

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As our customer service expert, Sesame is the meek, gray and white heart of Lipid Legends. With her unerring sense of comfort, he ensures that all inquiries are handled with cuddly precision. His mantra is 'caresses for the soul and excellent service for our customers'.


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Dr. András Gregor Lipid Legends CEO
Gremlin, the black gourmet among our team members, has the most important task as Lipid Legends' in-house taste tester: only the best for our customers.

His critical palate and expressive eyes never miss a new trend on the oil shelf. When Gremlin isn't testing the latest product, he can be found purring in the sun - a true sign of satisfaction.


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