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Flasche optimiertes Leinöl mit Pfeilen, zeigt, dass mehr Antioxidantien enthalten sind, es länger haltbar ist, es besser schmeckt, es Omega-3 reich ist und keine Zusatzstoffe enthält - ganz natürlich!

This is how we produce the best oils

 Kaltgepresste Öle in Österreich
Cold Pressure
Gentle pressing ensures that there is no heat and associated damage to the oils.
 Kaltgepresste Öle in Österreich
 Kaltgepresste Öle in Österreich
Extraction & Filtration
We bring together the best of our high-quality oils and press cake to ensure maximum extraction of the valuable ingredients from the press cake. At the same time, we reduce food waste.
 Kaltgepresste Öle in Österreich
 Kaltgepresste Öle in Österreich
Antioxidants, Shelf life & Taste
Our breakthrough oil that not only contains more antioxidants than regular oils, but also lasts longer and tastes even better!

Let us take a closer look...

Thanks to our innovative pressing method, in which the press cake is used twice, we ensure maximum extraction of the valuable ingredients. This not only minimizes food waste, but also significantly increases the efficiency of our production process.

Innovative Pressmethode, optimiertes Leinöl, Nachhaltig, Vegan, Neu, Patent, Der Presskuchen wird wiederverwendet

The result:

Graph zeigt die deutlich längere Haltbarkeit von optimierten Leinöl

Longer shelf-life

Graph zeigt den erhöhten Antioxidantien Gehalt in optimierten Leinöl

More antioxidants

Verbesserter Geschmack von optimierten Leinöl bestätigt

Better taste

You can find out more about our research results here.

To ensure that we always meet the highest quality and safety standards, we work closely with the University of Vienna.  There we analyze and develop our products with the utmost care and precision.

Universität Wien Spin-off

Our commitment to the highest quality and safety is reflected in every one of our products. We are proud to offer you a wide range of food products that are not only delicious, but also safe.

Professor Marc Pignitter im Labor forschend am optimierten Leinöl

Try it now!

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